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Monthly Subscription: IndianTies Mystery Letters

Monthly Subscription: IndianTies Mystery Letters

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 Subscribe to IndianTies Mystery Letters and get a special experience right in your mailbox each month.  Your subscription includes a package with a letter from a virtual pen-pal.  Each month is about a new destination within India.  There is a mystery to solve, cultural tidbits, and educational insights.  

What's included:

  • A full color, two-page, illustrated letter
  • A souvenir postcard from the destination
  • Three clue cards
  • A special custom-designed paper craft or activity
  • A sealed conclusion letter to open after the mystery is solved
  • And more!

This experience is designed for kids age 7-12, but with help, younger kids will enjoy it and older kids and parents enjoy it too!


**Please note this product will ship to the recipient the first week of each month, and monthly thereafter.  Cancel at any time by emailing us. 

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